About Rasmussen Travel

Rasmussen Travel is a Danish travel agency  specialized in creating and organizing tailor made trips in South America. Our broad network of contacts, friends and professional partners make us able to arrange all kinds of trips focusing to cultural, natural and historical highlights and hidden wonders. No matter what if our clients want a luxury trip staying on 5 star hotels, live with families in remote villages or anything in between.


Cultural trips

We mostly do detailed day-to-day programs which include all excursions, accommodations, transports and guiding services. All trips are produced by us in close collaboration with local agents to ensure our client’s needs to be fulfilled.



Rasmussen Travel is an expert on long treks on Inca Trails in Peru. We have our own tents, equipment and staff in Cusco. Our main tour leader Calle Granholm has led more than 40 groups alone on the Cachora – Choquequirao – Machu Picchu trail. In the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile we collaborate with a Danish-Chilean trekking company.


Community work in Peru

On Taquile Island in the Peruvian part of Lake Titicaca we run a project which aim is to teach English to children and future guides. Our part of the project is to contract volunteer teachers.


Our history

We have done cultural tours, trek and adventurers on the continent since 1983. During the first 15 years we mostly did long adventurers in remote parts of the Amazon and the Andes. From 1997 we have done a lot of research trips for various Danish editorial companies. We have provided text and photos for a wide range of guidebooks, children’s books and educational books. In 2007 we expanded to also organizing cultural trips and treks for a wide audience. Our main goal is to serve the demanding, modern traveler who wants an in depth experience in South America.

The office of Rasmussen Travel.

Hans Erik Rasmussen Travel, founder of Rasmussen Travel.

Om Rasmussen Travel

Rasmussen Travel arrangerer oplevelsesrejser i først og fremmest Sydamerika, hvor du som deltager kommer ud i naturen og tæt på lokalbefolkningen.

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